7 Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Family Room

June 9, 2017

Ahhh. The family room.

Isn’t it one of your favorite rooms in the home?

A family room can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a place to play or hunker down and get to work. It can serve as a place where the kids get their homework done after school or a place where family game night can get rowdy and wild every week.

The concept of a family room is ever-changing and always adjusting. With small kids, it can be a place to keep their toys. Teenagers can relish in having the perfect space to bring their friends over to crash on the sofa, play games, or watch tv. It can be the location where everyone watches the big game on Sunday afternoon. And as empty nesters, it can be the perfect place to bring the family back together again.

The heart of a family room is centered around the perfect sofa. But a family room is much more than that. The sofa is just your starting point, the center of the room. With a few design ideas in place, you’ll find your family room can be the most functional, most versatile, most loved room in your home.

Start with your goals
Like every room in your home, your family room should be a place where each member of the family wants to spend time every day. Therefore it needs to be comfortable, happy, and functional all at the same time. Depending on the size of your family room, you may even need to maximize the space without adding too much furniture to keep it from feeling stuffed.

Design a sofa that is super comfortable and equally high quality. This is a place you’ll snuggle down and read. The sofa will be used for taking naps and watching television. It will be used by every member of your family, so paying attention to everyone’s placement is important too. How do you sit on it? How do you lay on it? How do you snuggle together as a family?

A sofa is also more than how you use it for sitting. You would never want to choose an overly large sofa that fits end to end between the walls of your family room. Size matters. A narrow room might not have flexibility for ottomans or footrests. A large room may feel awkward if the sofa is too small. Luckily, sofas come in all sizes and shapes, patterns and prints. A sofa can be whatever you want it to be, no matter how your family lives.

Choose your focal point
While the sofa might be one of the most important pieces in your family room, never underestimate the power of the focal point of your room. A focal point gives your room cohesiveness. It pulls everything together. At times they appear in items you can’t change: a window or a fireplace. Other times you’ll create them yourself, such as with a media unit that houses your television.

Whatever your focal point is, make a decision and stick with it. Your furniture will be arranged around this point to bring the entire room together. That means, every piece of furniture you select, or decor you choose should be sized and shaped appropriately to keep the flow of the room.

Skip pushing items against the walls
While the size of the room will dictate the final placement of each piece of furniture, don’t forget that the majority of your space lies off the surrounding walls. When you shove sofas, chairs, and other pieces of furniture against the walls, you quickly create a boxed-in feel. But even a small amount of space can give your room a little breathing room and make it come to life. Even just a few inches away from the wall can make a room feel bigger.

Create conversation areas
Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation when you’re not facing one another? It’s difficult. While the focal point of your family room may be on an entertainment unit, don’t forget that the heart of your family room is your family. This is where good conversations take place. This is where you talk about your day and share your ideas and problems. This is where you laugh and play. And to do that, you need to be able to communicate.

If you have space, sectional sofas can be a wonderful addition to the family room. They create multiple seating spaces and change up the placement of each individual seat. Or how about tucking a chair or two near a window? This can create more functional space while opening up possibilities for more intimate gatherings. The larger the room, the more you can break up space and create ways to bring the family together even more.

Find your balance
Balance is always important to every room. Don’t group all of the large or small pieces in one area. This will lead to a room that feels uneven and out of balance. Also, make sure there are a variety of shapes incorporated into the room to avoid a boxy feeling. Straight seating can be complemented with a round coffee table. Uniform lighting can be supplemented with a pop of color in a picture frame or vase.

Consider traffic flow
Do you have one way in and one way out? Or can you approach your family room in a variety of ways?

People should never feel like they are tripping over furniture or each other as they move in and out. Make sure there are a couple of feet of space between the big pieces in your room. You should easily be able to walk between the sofa and a chair, or around a table without feeling like you’re going to fall. Also ensure a path in and out of the room is obvious, and that a person in the room doesn’t have to fight to get out.

It’s all in the details
We love open spaces. And open spaces equals open design. We love the carefree lifestyle. Natural and open is our friend. It shows in the way we play and in the way we design our homes.

While a high-quality sofa is essential for your active lifestyle, it’s the details that can make a statement in your room.

An area rug sized properly can not only bring in a pop of color, but it can also create excitement in your space while protecting your flooring at the same time.

A coffee table can act as an anchor for the room. Depending on your selection, it can do everything from hold your favorite drinks to create additional seating arrangements when you host guests.

Additional furniture can be added to both complement your centering pieces as well as make your room more functional. Side tables can hold lights. Media centers can house electronics. And it’s not only new pieces that can make a room uniquely your own. If you have your great-grandmother’s chair that has always been a favorite, why not incorporate that into the room as well?

Don’t forget the artwork. Anything hung on the wall – art, mirrors, sculpture, paintings – needs to be placed in relation to the furniture. A tiny photo over your large sofa will look out of place. But the great thing about artwork is the sky’s the limit. Anything goes! This is where your personalization and imagination can run wild. It can also be where you change things up on a regular basis.

So, what ideas do you have to upgrade your family room? Let us help you get started today.

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