How to Design the Ideal Work-From-Home Office

How to Design the Ideal Work-From-Home Office

May 12, 2017

What does your dream job look like? For many, the idea of working from home adds value.

And, working from home does have a lot of benefits.

• Improved work/life balance
• No commute
• Less stressful environment
• More time with family
• Quieter atmosphere
• More productive
• Less distractions
• Save gas

It probably doesn’t take much to bring you on board. But if you’ll be working your full-time job from the comfort of your own home, having the right place to do your job should be factored in too.

While camping out at the kitchen table may work for a while, eventually you’ll discover that the distractions you face at home are sometimes more overwhelming than an office full of peers. There’s dishes to do, laundry to fold, the kids running in and out.

One of the best ways to ensure separation between your work and home life is to create a home office you’re happy to work in. The ultimate home office isn’t just space where you can plug your laptop in and get to work. The ultimate home office is one that makes you crazy productive and happy too.

A laptop plugged in near the kitchen table gives you access to your company’s files. But when you have a home office filled with fine quality furniture you’re proud to own and makes you happy being in the space, it’ll make your job that much better as you walk through the doorway each day.

How can you come up with ideas for your home office design? We can help. We’ve discovered a variety of ways to create your dream office just a few steps out of the flow of your home life. You’re going to love your office! Here’s what to do.

Use Pinterest
Any time you’re in the market to do a little home decorating, Pinterest might be the first place to pop into your mind. Pinterest is a great place to browse for inspiration, and as you find things that interest you, simply pin them to your board. (You do have a board for “Great Home Office Ideas,” don’t you?) But remember, just because you find a great photo to pin that makes a home office look beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s the best decor for your office. An old chair that’s been reupholstered may look beautiful in a photograph, but what will it do for your body when sitting in it 50 hours a week?

Research shows that worker productivity could be increased as much as 17.5 percent just by providing your staff with the right chair and training. Ergonomic chairs offer an advanced level of support to ensure office workers limit the impact that sitting in an office chair for at least eight hours a day will be having on the body, including repetitive strain injury.

Focus in on the most important item first. Make sure you choose fine quality furniture that not only supports your body but will withstand years of use and look good doing it. From there, use your Pinterest ideas to add to your decor. Yes, that perfect shade of blue would look great in your office too.

Embrace The Light
When most people bring furniture into the home office, they build with the four wall concept in mind. They reflexively push the desk right up against the wall into the darkest corner of the room. Add in a few filing cabinets and boxes stacked to the ceiling along the other wall, and you’ve just built yourself a home cubicle. Not much different than your office back at company headquarters, right?

Instead, think about ambiance instead. Walk into your room and take a good look at your window. There is your inspiration. That is the place you should focus each day. Now back away from it just a few feet; that is where you should place your desk.

If your desk is central in the room, facing the window to allow natural light to spill over your workspace, not only will it improve your mood, it will look great in the process. It allows you to look up from the endless supply of paperwork, glance away from the digital screens we’ve all incorporated into our lives for just a few moments and take in the scene.

All of our desks are more than a tabletop with four legs. Fine quality furniture starts with a great base, then moves out with character, style, and class. Whether you want ultra modern or something with a more classic feel, your desk is a place you’ll spend many hours of your life. Why do it in anything but a fantastic way?

Get Creative With Storage
There’s just something about those old file cabinets that have become a part of offices everywhere. Awful? Ugly? Yep. They are the last things you want to incorporate into your new home office space. And the good news is you don’t have to. You can store just about anything in a variety of ways using fine quality furniture instead.

How about mixing shelves and drawers to give you a place to store your files and add accessories for a more personal flair?

Or select a filing cabinet that looks like anything but a filing cabinet. You could incorporate it with the rest of your furniture throughout your home and nobody would know it’s a filing cabinet!

Use your new office space with maximum capacity in mind. If you need bookcases, get nice ones that are big enough to hold everything without overstuffing them and giving them a cluttered look. And if you’re using a spare bedroom as your home office space, get creative with the closet. Incorporate a shelving system so you can utilize every ounce of space within the room.

When your desk is in a community space in the middle of an office building, personalization means a photo on your desk or a plant in the window. If you’re lucky enough to have an office all to yourself, you may be able to select a picture to hang on the wall.

But when you bring your office space home, you can personalize it to your satisfaction. Think beyond standard office accessories and create a look that will inspire you. Rotate photos in and out; frame them to match your surroundings. Include mementos to help motivate you for success. Because it’s your space, you can even bring in scents and candles to help destress your day.

Splashes of color can also set the mood. A beautiful throw rug will complement your fine quality furniture. Select pillows to match. Bring out the color in a variety of ways, from draperies to candles to a vase of flowers. Focus on happiness. And be grateful you work from home!

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