Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture is recognized, worldwide, for their quality design and fine craftsmanship. The originators of “Mission” furniture, Stickley pieces hold their value, even becoming collector’s items and family heirlooms. Stickley customers, also known as “Sticklets” are faithful devotees and those new to the brand quickly become devoted as well. We’re proud to be the largest retailer of Stickley Furniture in the Pacific Northwest. If you don’t know the name, designers. We’ll introduce you to the classic taste of Stickley Furniture.

Stickley – Quality – American Made Furniture

Stickley Furniture manufactures each piece like a jigsaw puzzle – utilizing master craftsman techniques such as tongue-and-groove, tenon posts, and dovetailing so the wood doesn’t crack or split. We appreciate this because it means you can enjoy these furnishings for generations to come.

Stickley brings to mind classic, Mission-style arts and crafts furniture. But, we love introducing our customers to their Traditional and Transitional collections – the same quality craftsmanship, but with less ornate, simpler lines. Stickley’s Transitional collection coordinates well with the more modern trend, popular in the Pacific Northwest.

A little history – 2016 Collector Edition Harvey Ellis Console

Harvey EllisCollector Edition - Stickley Fine Furniture - American Made Furniture

Born in 1852, probably in Rochester, maybe in Albany, son of a hardware merchant, lawyer and politician, educated at home in a school without walls, briefly at “West Point”, married secretly to an actress and his father had the marriage annulled, and sent his son to Europe where he studied art and architecture.

Harvey Ellis was always the genius behind the scene. In Albany he worked for architect Henry H Richardson, who designed sections of the state Capitol. Next, Ellis and his brother Charles opened their own architectural firm in Rochester. Ellis left his brother and Rochester for Utica, and then to St Paul and then to St Louis where he produced the chateau- like design for the St Louis City Hall.

In 1903 Ellis returned to Rochester and was in charge of installing Gustav Stickley’s Arts and Crafts furniture exhibition. It was a brief stay with Stickley, seven months later Harvey Ellis died in 1904.

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