Your Options are Endless with Taylor King Upholstery

Your Options are Endless with Taylor King Upholstery

August 20, 2017

Ever see a chair you love only you wish it were in a different color?

If you’re shopping a big box store, you probably have very few options.

That’s what makes our customized approach to furniture shopping unique. You’re never limited to the final look and feel you can produce.

We realize every piece of furniture in your home has the ability to become something you’ll hang onto, love, and display for years to come. If it’s of poor quality, you’ll replace it. If it isn’t the right look, you’ll switch it out.

It’s important to get a great foundation as well as the right cover. That’s why you’ll love Taylor King Upholstery.

Like all of the furniture lines we represent, Taylor King upholstery offers you the ability to create handcrafted, customized upholstered furniture that has finesse and tailored precision. It isn’t just a piece of furniture; it truly is a work of art.

Start With A Great Base
When you purchase a sofa or a chair, you fall in love with the color, the pattern, and the way it feels when you sit down. But before you get into the looks and the aesthetics, it’s important to understand that the materials used are what makes the quality shine through.

Quality has to start before a piece of wood is ever selected, or material is chosen as the cover. High quality means selecting the highest quality materials for beauty that is both inside and out. That means the base – the furniture you choose – has to include things like:

-Frames that are upholstered by experienced craftsmen, by hand, one piece at a time
-Hand tied coil springs that are several rows deep for the ultimate in seating foundation
-Arms that are created with luxurious padding including foam and fiber
-Channel-sewn, premium back cushions for extra support
-Nail head trim application to cover one nail at a time
-Corner blocks that are triple reinforced
-Fabric borders that are precision-cut to flow and match throughout

Only then is it ready for the next step in the process. Only then is it ready to be customized by you.

How To Select The Right Upholstery
If you choose the wrong material, you’ll find yourself battling snags and stains from the moment it enters your home. If you choose the wrong color or pattern, you’ll find your whole room suffers from the ambiance.

Let your practical needs lead. Consider how you live before you let your wants and desires play a part.

A professional living in an urban loft has different needs than a family of four with dogs and cats racing around each day. One day of having a dog with muddy paws up on your white sofa, or your child spilling grape juice on your silk chair will prove it. If the action in your home centers around reading a book on a day off, you’ll have different options than one with a toddler exploring the space.

In both cases, there are plenty of options for every piece of furniture you choose. Taylor King upholstery gives you a vast array of choices to suit every need. Why not try an indoor/outdoor fabric on family room pieces you’ll use in a variety of ways each day? You can save the delicate fabrics you’ve been craving for the love seat you share with your spouse in the master suite.

Are you more the wine and cheese type? Or the cracker and peanut butter type? Fabrics not only can be durable but can look good in the process. Linens, for instance, can be a great choice for rooms with a sophisticated audience and will provide you with years of durability. Yet if you choose lighter colors, they may not offer the stain-resistance level you need for daily living, or have a crisp, wrinkle-free look if you like to lounge around.

Don’t get stuck into thinking that every piece has to be created from the same fabric with the same texture and patterns. Instead, focus in on functionality. If the chair in the corner is primarily used for reading on Sunday afternoons, it can be created using fabrics a little more delicate than the sofa you use for watching the Sunday games on TV.

Length Of Time
Too often people walk into the store and find something they like today without considering its value in the long term. How will it look five years from now? How will your needs change in five years? Ten?

Check the label and ask questions. Think about how you will use it in the future. Are you planning on having kids, even though today you’re still enjoying a loft in the city? How can you purchase something that will transition appropriately as your needs change?

Don’t be afraid to go with your gut instinct. We have many happy clients that have come in with one goal in mind – leather, for example – and by seeing the different options available, they find one that looks beautiful and meets their needs. Looking good is important, but if it takes more maintenance than you desire, you’ll wind up disappointed in the long run.

Shape and Scale
Some pieces are easier to move and blend into any decor, any room, any size home. The big sectional you barely squeezed into the family room? Maybe not. It all comes down to knowing what you want and how it will be used.

And when the right piece is a bold piece that dominates the room, be sure you select a pattern and color you can live with. You may love the bold, fuschia pattern, but will it look as good front and center in your room?

Accent. Complementary. Richness. Blend. Sometimes it takes finesse to bring a room together. That’s where our design team comes into play. It can feel impossible to make a final selection when you’re presented with hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns, but we have a knack for helping you whittle that down. A few questions are all it takes. And in moments, you’ll have several options that will suit your needs for a very long time.

That’s why we enjoy what we do. That’s why we love representing Taylor King upholstery.

It’s because of the options.

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