Green Practices

We’re doing what we can to preserve the environment for future generations.

The furnishings you purchase from us come from all over North America and some from overseas. Our manufacturers package them carefully in cardboard, plastic, and packing foam so your furniture survives the trip. That’s great for saving the product; but it creates a lot of material waste.

We believe in recycling.

We recycle paper trash and bail all cardboard and plastic waste for recycling. We were also one of the first in the state to bring in a machine that crushes and melts packing foam (Styrofoam) — reducing our foam waste from 90 to one. Visualize 90 truckloads of foam, reduced to just one; we think that’s pretty cool. We go one step further and donate this foam to a local plastics company that uses it to make other products. In the end, none of our packing foam ends up in a landfill.


We believe in conservation.

Our showroom uses 14watt, LED bulbs. They’re approximately six times more efficient than the incandescent spotlights of the past.

We’ve also found lower wattage bulbs put out less heat, cutting down on energy formally used to cool the showroom, reducing our carbon footprint.

We believe in extending furniture’s useful life

We support Community Warehouse, a furniture bank that picks up old furniture items and distributes them to families in need.