White Glove Delivery

Before your purchases leave our warehouse for delivery, they go through an extensive inspection process.

Our warehouse personnel carefully unpack each piece taking great care removing tape, plastic, cardboard, and foam. Our on-site Master Finisher then meticulously inspects and grooms the furniture, preparing each piece so it will be perfect in your home.

An unfortunate reality of our business is the fact not everything makes it from the manufacturer to our warehouse unscathed. A great value of buying from Paul Schatz is our Master Finisher has the expertise and ability to correct most issues — ripped upholstery, scratched wood, and/or loose construction. We can even repair finish or paint imperfections. We have a fully functional paint booth and, with close to 30 years experience, our Master Finisher has the impressive ability to match manufacturer’s paint and finishes.

Once the piece of furniture has received our Master Finisher’s approval, we blanket-wrap it for protection and carefully load it into our truck for delivery.

At your home, our drivers carry your furniture inside and place it exactly where you want it. Should you have any concerns, they will create a detailed report for our Warehouse Manager and a customer service representative will contact you within a few days.

It’s all part our commitment to make sure your experience is something you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime.